How To Get Rid Of Bumble Bees Under My Deck

Bees are critical not only for humans but also for the functioning of entire ecosystems. Bees, as we all know, help plants reproduce by pollination.

Pollination is also necessary for roughly 80% of flowering plants. If this process halts, we risk losing not only beautiful plants, but also food for us, birds, squirrels, and many other animals that rely on plants for survival.

However, it is also true that bees can be an inconvenience for humans. More than that, they can be a serious health risk for some people causing an allergic reaction so severe that can even get you into an anaphylactic shock.

This is the reason why if you find you have bees under your deck, you might need to find ways to get rid of them instead of being on the lookout the whole time you are trying to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

So, how do you get rid of them? Well, there are several steps you could take, and we’ll discuss them next.

Sprinkle Cinnamon Around Them

We already established how dangerous bees can be to you and your family if they were to see you as a threat and attack you. 

A safe way to encourage them to relocate their nest away from your deck is to sprinkle some cinnamon under it for a few days in a row. This process is harmless for the bees, but you need to be careful while trying to get near the hive to do the deed. Try wearing some protective gear.

The relocation process might take a while, but they will eventually leave. 

Use Mothballs

This is another way to force them to relocate since bees dislike the smell of mothball just as much as they do cinnamon.

Trow some mothballs under the deck as near to the hive as you can. The smell will eventually drive them away.

A good tip is to hang some mothballs around the backyard in key places you don’t want them to relocate. This will help drive them away from your backyard all together.  

Plant Bee Repelling Plants

Several plants can repel bees naturally. If you plant some of them strategically around your garden, you’ll find you will have little issues with bees again.

The three most effective plants for that purpose are citronella, mint, and eucalyptus. Plant some around the deck area, in particular, to deter bees from going under it again. 

You can speed up the process by spraying some mint or eucalyptus essence or lighting some citronella candles around the deck. This type of candle will also help you keep some other kinds of insects away from your backyard.

One thing, though, you might want to keep these plants away from the flowers you do want bees to pollinate. 

Keep Fruit And Sweet Foods Away From Your Deck

Bees are easily drawn to sweet foods. Remove any food scraps that fall onto your deck once you’ve finished eating, and pick up any fallen fruits on the ground if you have fruit trees around your deck. Allowing the fruits to sit on the ground for an extended period can attract bees.

Use Chemicals

Spraying the bee nest with insecticides is another option for getting rid of it. A can of bee-killing spray can be purchased and sprayed under your decking. 

If you don’t want to employ the natural technique, this is an excellent way to get rid of bees. Apply the spray with caution, as the bees may attack you while doing so. To avoid being stung by bees, always use protective gear when applying the spray.

Chemical bee-killing sprays are effective, but they should only be used as a last resort due to the importance of the local bee population to the environment.

Contact The Local Bee Keeper

Local beekeepers in your neighborhood may be willing and able to assist you in getting out of this jam. Beekeepers already have the protective gear necessary to help you relocate the hive to a more secure area in a safe manner. 

They can even take the hive for you and add it to the beehives they’re currently looking after.

Of course, due to a variety of reasons, this isn’t always a possibility because there may be obstacles that prevent this from happening, and you may not be able to find beekeepers in your region, but it is worth the shot. Just do some research around your area.

Get In Touch With A Pest Control Company

If none of the resources described previously are convenient for you, you might just want to get in contact with a local pest control company. 

To keep the bees at bay, pest control businesses have powerful chemical sprays on hand. You can request a pest control officer at your local government office. If you don’t know where your local pest control office is, you can always look up pest control firms on the internet.

The only thing to keep in mind is that hiring exterminators will be more expensive than purchasing a bee-killing spray can. Regardless, if our trying to avoid being stung several times by angry local bees, what you end up paying to the pest control company may be a minor price to pay.

Final Thoughts

You may get rid of bee nests under decking yourself or hire a pest control company to do it for you. If you do it yourself, however, you should always use caution while spraying bees with insecticides. And to avoid being stung by bees, always wear protective clothing.

When it comes to bee removal, do your best to make judgments that are practical for you and your family, but remember it is preferable to relocate the beehive, although we know this is not always possible.