How To Get Rid Of Acorns In Your Backyard

Oak trees are a beautiful addition to any home or property, giving a wonderful canopy of shade and a spectacular display of leaves. Your oak trees may be home to a variety of animals, from birds to squirrels, and while they may consider the acorns thrown on the ground below to be valuable, they may be a nuisance to homeowners.

Cleaning up acorns may be a time-consuming and tiresome process. And although squirrels, birds, and deer eat acorns, sometimes even these animals can’t keep up since acorns are plentiful. 

Are you ready to get rid of them? Look no further if you’re seeking the finest technique to collect acorns from your yard.

How Many Acorns Can An Oak Tree Drop?

In a single year, big oaks can drop up to 10,000 acorns. A 10,000 acorn year is known as a “mast” year because it represents the apex of an oak’s 2-5 year bust cycle.

Bust years, in comparison to mast years, produce very few acorns. This is why strolling over your lawn in the autumn can feel like stepping on marbles, whereas in other seasons it can seem as smooth as a summer breeze.

Read on if your trees are having a bad year and your squirrels are on strike.

Why Is It Important To Pick Up Acorns From Your Yard?

Apart from making the lawn unattractive, acorns have a slew of other drawbacks, including:

Kill grass: When acorns remain on the grass for an extended period of time, they inhibit the lawn from receiving essential sunlight for growth. As a result, the grass withers.

Unwanted seedlings can sprout: Acorns, like any other seedling, can germinate and generate seedlings if left on the lawn for a long time. If you don’t get rid of the seedlings quickly enough, they will grow and you will have trees you don’t want.

Animals are drawn to them:  Yes, squirrels and other animals eat acorns, so allowing them to remain on your lawn attracts them to your property, where they might pose a threat to you, your family, and even your pets.

Some of these species, such as mice, are carriers of diseases that can infect your family and pets.

Acorns can be dangerous: If your kids are used to enjoying running about barefoot on the lawn, stepping on an acorn may cause your children to be injured. They are also prone to cause slipping and falling.

Also, acorns can be expelled from the lawnmower during mowing, and if they hit any of your family members, they can cause significant injury. Acorns can also smash your house windows if they fall on them.

Start As Soon As You Can

Even if you see no squirrels around, you should start cleaning up as soon as you notice the first acorns on your lawn. Squirrels will most likely arrive in the winter to bury the acorns. The issue is that squirrels quickly forget where they put their stashes, and then those acorns germinate, and new trees emerge.

If your backyard is big enough to support a new oak forest, this is excellent, but if you want to save your perfectly located patio, acorn removal is essential. It’s better if there are fewer acorns accessible for sprouting. Starting early may require a few more passes over the landscape, but it will save you time and effort in the long run.

In an attempt to make this easier for you, we have developed a list of numerous strategies for quickly and efficiently collecting all of the acorns in your yard.

1 – Use A Nut Roller

The nut roller is also known as an acorn picker or nut gatherer and it is used to harvest acorns and toss them into a collection basket. It comes with a long pole saw and a cage that rolls around the lawn’s surface. This is the perfect tool to use if you have little acorns in your yard.

The beauty is that the metal wires from the basket easily roll on different surfaces, so you’ll be able to gather the acorns regardless of the state of your lawn. Because the wires are flexible, they may readily expand open and gather even the acorns that are hidden.

2 – Rake Them Out

This is the most widely used technique. It has been utilized successfully in the past and continues to be used successfully today. You’ll need a rake that’s not as flexible as a leaf rake, and it must be suitable for cleaning hard surfaces such as the patio and driveway. 

Get a rake with a hard end that can draw through the grass and pull those acorns hiding deep in the grass. One that is long and lightweight, as well as easy to store.

3 – Use A Lawn Sweeper

If you already have a riding lawn mower, a lawn sweeper can help you turn it into an acorn-clearing machine. The attachment adjusts to any riding mower or small tractor and collects garbage such as acorns, twigs, leaves, and other small objects.

The lawn sweeper may do the operation using a suction device or a scooping motion, depending on the type you purchase.

4 – Use A Power Broom

A power broom, as the name implies, is a sweeper with a lot of force behind it. Cleaning up acorns with a power broom is a great idea, and you have the option of renting one instead of buying it.

Renting it is significantly more convenient because the upkeep is already taken care of. All you have to do is gather the acorns into a pile and then dump them into plastic rubbish can.

5 – Use A Tarp

If you want to be extra cautious, consider putting down a tarp on the ground. It will depend on the size of the tree; but if it’s not very large, putting down a tarp can be an excellent way of dealing with the problem.

The tarp can be placed around the tree to capture the acorns that fall to the ground. To assist the process, hold the oak tree with your hands and shake it vigorously, or you can also smack the branches with a stick if it’s required.

And when you find that the tarp is nearly filled, simply empty it in a compost bin, and you’re done. 

Now, while this is the simplest method for removing acorns, it must be done at the appropriate time, when the acorns are about to fall off the tree. If you remove the acorns too soon, you will have a difficult time getting them to fall off.

Not to mention that when you smack the trees to get rid of the acorns at the incorrect moment, you could wind up hurting your magnificent trees. And we’re sure you wouldn’t want that.

6 – Use A Baganut Picker

Another brilliant way to collect acorns in your yard is simply to push the baganut picker about your lawn, and it will collect all the acorns and place them in a huge basket. Just empty the basket after it’s full.

The baganut picker is incredibly effective and can pick up acorns from large backyards. If you have the budget, try it out. It will save you a lot of time.

Final Thoughts

In nature, acorns perform a vital role. Acorns provide a food source for rodents like squirrels and mice, as well as various bird species. Deer, bears, and wild pigs are also known to do so. When they are larvae, certain moth species feed on acorns too.

Luckily there are some methods to keep your yard tidy while still allowing squirrels, dear, and other wildlife to come to eat. You can safeguard your home from unwelcome invaders, but also remember they play a role in nature.

Cleaning up acorns in your yard reduces the chances of mice, squirrels, and other wildlife getting too close to your house. And if you provide them with a place to eat outside of the house, they will look there instead.

Here’s What You Can Do

  • 1 – Keep the acorns in a metal container with a lid and place them near your trees or bushes where animals frequent.
  • Purchase a squirrel feeder and secure it to a pole or tree in your yard.
  • Provide them with alternative food sources, such as a seed and nut mix. You may generally locate some food for squirrels in the birdseed section of your local pet store.