How To Clean Out A Fire Pit With Lava Rocks

Every time a fire pit burns, trash accumulates in it, and this will eventually pile up, and you’ll need to shovel it out to make way for more fuel. Cleaning out your fire pit on a regular basis is not only necessary for safety precautions, but it will also improve its appearance.

This post will walk you through a few simple methods for cleaning out a fire pit with lava rocks. We will also give you some pointers on how to keep your lava rocks in good condition, and some safety advice to keep in mind while you clean up your fire pit.

The Short Answer

To clean out a fire pit with lava rocks, first, take the rocks to wash separately, and then use a shovel to clear up the fire pit. Brush the cavity to remove ash before rinsing it with the hose. Before utilizing the fire pit again, make sure that both the lava rocks and the fire pit are totally dry.

Lava Rock Should Be Removed And Rinsed

Your lava rocks are the first step toward a clean fire pit. Remove the lava rocks from the basin while the fire pit is still cool. Rinse your lava rocks in cold water and set them aside to dry.

Remember that lava rocks require at least a few hours to dry because they are porous and will absorb water. If you’re unsure, err on the side of caution and give yourself plenty of time. If possible, rinse lava rocks on a sunny day so they can dry in the yard.

When heated, damp lava rocks are readily damaged and can cause accidents. If a wet lava rock becomes heated, it may split, crack, or pop, ejecting it from your fire pit and onto your yard. Not only will there be a danger of fire but also of being injured by a stray lava rock. You may also irreparably damage your fire pit. So be cautious.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions, but as a general guideline, it’s advisable to rinse your lava rocks once a year. Other than this, they don’t need much maintenance, and if you use lava pebbles, they won’t decompose or disintegrate. You should make sure to use lava rocks that are heatproof, so you can rest assured that your family is safe. 

Take The Ash Out Of The Fire Pit

We know that shoveling out the fire pit is everyone’s least favorite garden task. It is, however, inevitable unless you want ash and other particles to fall into your yard. For this part of the task, you’ll only need to have a wheelbarrow and a shovel on hand. You must scoop everything out of the fire pit for a thorough cleaning.

Remove all of the ash and sand, as well as any shards of leaves or wood, that have made their way into your fire pit. Natural plant material is a big fire threat, therefore you might want to mix it along with the ash.

Make sure you empty your fire pit until you can see the bottom of it. You’ll also need a place to dispose of the trash, such as a container or a dump pile.

Brush, Rinse, And Brush Some More

Wipe down the fire pit with a robust brush to remove any leftover ash that your shovel couldn’t reach. Keep an eye out for dust when doing this, and use a dustproof mask to protect your eyes. Surgical masks will not suffice because they are not designed to filter particles such as ash and dust from the air. To protect your lungs, use a heavy-duty mask with a respirator.

When you’re certain that you have removed the majority of the fine debris from the fire pit, hose it down with cold water. Every aspect of your fire pit must be completely dry before you use it again, so spray it down in the morning and let it dry in the sun for at least a day.

Brush the fire pit one more time once it has dried to dislodge any remaining grit. The brush will also assist you in buffing up your fire pit and removing any stray flammables.

If your fire pit has a grate, you can treat it similarly to the pit. Again, make sure it’s completely dry before attempting to reuse it.

Complete Repairs Or Enhancements

Because you’re clearing out the fire pit, now is a good opportunity to finish any repairs or modifications you’ve been intending to do. You can also inspect all of the components for flaws or damage.

These are some great methods to improve your fire pit:

  • Alter or add vents

  • Include windbreaks

  • Combine lava rocks with lava glass or ceramic logs}

  • Repaint the fire pit

  • Alter the metal or brickwork

  • Replace or repaint the grating

Return Your Clean Lava Rocks To The Fire Pit

When you’re certain that your lava rocks and fire pit are both dry, it’s time to start putting everything back together. Sand will be required as a foundation for your lava rocks. Layer this in at a depth of about 2.54 cm (1 inch).

Sand is good for fire pits because it helps to properly distribute heat. It also helps to safeguard the metal or stone in several ways. The sand acts as an insulator, protecting the bottom of your fire pit from the extreme heat and preventing all of the heat from destroying one region of the pit. 

Because sandstone and gravel are prone to exploding when heated, they should not be used as fire pit foundations. Instead, use sand as a filler, or mix in volcanic ash, lava pebbles, or lava beads.

When refilling your fire pit, be certain that the burners are not covered, as this can be quite harmful. Finally, fill your fire pit with clean, dry lava rocks. If you are using brand new lava rocks, we recommend cleaning them before usage because of the dust buildup in the package.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you can clean up your lava rock fire pit by removing and cleaning the lava rocks, dumping out the ash and debris, brushing, hosing, brushing again, and then replacing the lava rocks.

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to add improvements, inspect for damage, or perform any necessary repairs. It’s also a good opportunity to experiment with different fire pit additives, such as ceramic logs or lava pebbles.

Now you can relax, sit back and enjoy the warmth of your beautiful and recently cleaned fire pit.