Can I Use Patio Furniture On Grass?

Your backyard can be a wonderful area that you can design in a number of ways to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxing atmosphere in the company of your family, friends, and neighbors.

The best part about your backyard or patio is that it can be decorated in whatever way you like. There are no boundaries to inventiveness; all you have to do is consider your budget and available space.

However, if you have a large garden with grass, you will need to spend a significant amount of money to construct a hard floor on which to place your patio furniture.

But, Can You Put Furniture Directly On Your Lawn?

The answer to that question might not be as straightforward as you may think. The truth is there are numerous reasons why you might consider placing your patio furniture directly on grass. 

The most typical reason for this is that people do not want to spend a lot of money on patio flooring. Instead, they consider purchasing patio furniture and just placing it straight on the grass without giving it any more thought.

Another reason could be a special occasion. If you’re having an event in a grassy area, you have probably considered putting the patio chairs right on the grass.

And while you are technically free to do anything you want with your garden space, placing outdoor furniture straight on the grass is not a good idea. You should only place furniture on grass if the following conditions are met:

  • Your backyard or patio ground is flat, dry, and firm.
  • You’re using furniture with wide feet. This includes both tables and chairs.

More often than not, this will not be the case. Hardly any backyard or garden will be level enough to have furniture properly set on it, and you will not have the best time sitting in your garden while trying to balance a chair on an uneven lawn.

However, this is not the only reason why not to place patio furniture directly on your lawn.

It Can Damage Your Lawn

Gardeners who are serious about their lawns are picky about the grass they use. One of the main reasons why well-kept gardens typically have clean pathways running through them is because of this.

Walking on the grass will crush it, and the grass may die as a result. This will eventually result in bald areas all over the garden. Keeping patio furniture on the lawn follows the same logic.

The legs of the tables and chairs will sink into the ground, crushing the grass and maybe uprooting some of the plants in the area. When you take the outdoor furniture from the ground, the locations where the legs dug into the ground will be visible.

It’s not a good idea, especially if you spent a lot of money fertilizing the garden and planting a unique type of grass.

Uneven Surface

Despite popular belief, the surface in the garden is neither solid nor dry. The patio furniture will most likely be slanted at an inclination if it is placed directly on the grass, depending on how soft the surface is.

It may not seem like much, but the problem will become apparent as soon as you begin to eat. These are minute, imperceptible alterations that you’ll notice right away, especially if you’re used to eating at a solid, straight dining table.

This is an even bigger issue with the chairs. Regardless of the wide feet, you should be aware that most outdoor chairs are constructed of PVC or acrylic and the weight of the person sitting in these chairs will sink further its legs further into the ground.

You’ll have to physically lift the chairs up every time you get up because the legs will have sunk into their positions. The grass will die in those areas, and you’ll end up with bald patches like we previously discussed. 

This will have a negative impact on the overall aesthetic of your garden, which is not something you want if you have worked hard to keep your garden in good shape.

The Furniture Will Be Damage As Well

You should be aware that patio furniture will deteriorate over time no matter what you do. Especially if you have wooden furniture.

Whenever you water your backyard lawn, the furniture’s legs will be sitting on wet grass and this is a formula for rapid wear and tear.

So, How Can You Put Patio Furniture In Your Backyard?

We understand you want to enjoy your beautiful outdoor spaces. So here are a few things you could do to get away with having patio furniture in your backyard without causing damage to your lawn.

Get Some Pavers

You can purchase pavers for a reasonable price and set them under the foot of your furniture. It’s a simple way to keep the feet from sinking into the ground.

If you have no choice but to maintain your patio furniture on a grassy surface, this is the best solution. This will make the tables sturdy enough. However, the chairs will continue to be an issue. 

You can also buy sheets of plywood and make temporary flooring on the grass if you don’t mind the look, but you’ll have to relocate them from time to time. You want this to be a temporary fix so your grass doesn’t suffer.

Protect Your Grass

If you place patio furniture on your lawn, the grass will gradually die. You’ll get mud whenever you don’t have any grass, and nobody wants to spend their time outside in the mud. Right?

But here are some quick and easy techniques to make sure your lawn doesn’t look like you’re ready for a mud bath when you set your patio furniture on grass.

  • At least once a week, rearrange your furnishings. This will ensure that your lawn receives sufficient sunlight and water.
  • Remove the patio furniture from the area as soon as brown or bald patches appear, and provide prompt assistance.
  • Aerate the area frequently, as excessive foot traffic can compact the earth. The grass will struggle to acquire adequate water as a result of this.

Alternatively, you might entirely remove the grass from the area and replace it with outdoor flooring. Many companies provide rubber tiles that can be laid directly on the ground. They’re a good middle ground between putting your patio equipment on grass and constructing a full-fledged patio.

Buy Some Temporary Outdoor Flooring

There are a variety of outdoor flooring alternatives to pick from, and which one you choose is usually a matter of personal preference. There are some durable ones made from teak that are really built to last. You could also get some made from acacia wood that is similarly durable, and great for outdoors. 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few things to keep in mind when using patio furniture in your backyard or garden areas. Ideally, you should avoid doing so altogether, but if you don’t have a choice, you should follow the guidelines outlined above.

Outdoor furniture is not intended for use directly on grass, and it is also not always safe. But if you’re planning an outdoor event, outdoor flooring can be a good intermediate step before deciding on a more permanent solution.