Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

Get ready to take the holiday cheer outside once you’ve decked the halls and decorated your tree. We’ve compiled a list of the finest ways to make your home’s exterior shimmer and shine.

What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Christmas Lights

Begin your search for outdoor Christmas lights by determining whether to use incandescent or LED lights. LED bulbs are typically twice as expensive as incandescent bulbs, but they last two to three times as long. They also consume 10% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, saving energy and producing less heat, lowering the risk of a fire.

Incandescents are a little brighter in terms of brightness, but LED strings often have more bulbs per string, so they give off roughly the same amount of light. The LED box’s structure is another checkmark. LEDs are less prone to break than glass incandescent bulbs because they are made of lightweight plastic.

What About The Bulbs

String lights are available in a range of bulb sizes, both LED and incandescent. The most popular are little lights, which are the traditional Christmas tree lights.

The strawberry-shaped C6, C7, and C9 bulbs are the most traditional of Christmas lights. They have a diameter ranging from 3/4 inch to 1-1/4 inch.

Outdoor Christmas Lights: Where to Hang Them

A great tip is to hang your lights in the evening so you can see how they look while stringing them. For your evergreen trees, choose larger bulbs, such as C7 and C9, and space them about 12 inches apart. Industry experts recommend employing roughly 100 lights per vertical foot as a general rule of thumb.

Nets are the easiest and quickest way to add instant sparkle to your bushes when it comes to adorning them. Don’t forget about the deciduous trees, either.

Wrap rope lights around the bark, it will generally help keep the strings in place. Use strategically placed pushpins to keep the lights in place if they start to sag. Use nails and screws that will not harm the tree.

Let’s add our own delight to the mix our neighbors provide to the evenings with their wonderful outdoor Christmas displays. Scroll through our sparkling options to fill your home with holiday cheer.

LED Lights At Their Finest

Dazzle Bright tiny string lights have 200 LED bright bulbs and are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The Christmas lights include a super long 10 FT leading wire, a 65 FT light string, for a total length of 75 FT, with 3.9 inches bulb spacing. The plug-in string light is simple to operate and hang, emitting a bright warm white light that creates a warm and inviting festival mood in your home. You will be wowed by these attractive lights.

Christmas 200 LED tiny string lights comes with 8 light modes: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and twinkle/flash, which may be selected by pressing the button on the transformer. You can connect up to three light strings (Max 1000 LED) according to the size of the scene you want to adorn, to fulfill the needs of varied venue decorations to the furthest extent possible. Enjoy the delight festive holiday with your family by decorating your home with Dazzle Bright fairy string lights, creating a romantic festival mood.

The Best Incandescent Lights

This little Christmas light set can be connected end to end up to three times (450 lights) and expanded up to a length of 104.4 feet for any big or small project. UL certified, excellent value and quality, and suitable for usage in hazardous environments. It has an old-fashioned warm white incandescent light, that produces a nice and festive environment and lights up your living room and your outdoor spaces.

These Christmas lights will make your home a great sight to see in your neighborhood!

The Most Effective Solar Lights

This is a great 2-Pack of Super Bright Upgraded LED Bulbs, it has a higher conversion with a larger size solar panel, and an IP65 waterproof performance in every 72ft 200 LED string light. Perfect to decorate the porch, roof, a tree, your whole backyard, your deck, a fence, a pergola, and much more.

This solar string light also has a battery update from 1200MAH to 1800MAH, resulting in a longer operating period and greater durability, and it can charge quickly thanks to a larger and more efficient solar converter. It has no additional utility electric costs and no need to replenish the battery. After being fully charged, it can work for up to 8-10 hours.

On/Off and mode buttons are included with these solar twinkling lights. By pushing the mode button, you can choose from eight different settings to meet your various demands. Furthermore, the built-in memory chip remembers your last mode setting, so you won’t have to reset it.

The Best Net Lights

To ensure that the product is safe to use, it comes with UL-certified 29V low-voltage plugs. The dimensions are 12 feet by 5 feet, with a lead length of 16.5 feet and a horizontal gap of 4.7 inches between each lamp bead. Just place or hang the beautiful net lights on trees, grass, shrubs, or anywhere else you want to adorn.

Female and male plug connectors are included with each net light. You can connect up to three light strings, the switch can be controlled by plugging and unplugging the power supply. The 29V low voltage guarantees safety and both the net lights and transformer are IP44 waterproofs. However, it is recommended to not submerge the transformer in water for an extended period of time.

Great Icicle Lights

You will get one 65.6ft 640 LED colorful light with an adapter and an 8-mode remote control are included. There are a variety of light effects to choose from. You can choose different combinations, such as waves, sequential, slo-glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and stable. The string lights, which run on 29V DC, will not overheat after several hours of use. The lights are weatherproof, so you can safely put them outside; just remember to keep the adaptor dry.

The LED icicle lights may be readily installed anywhere you wish to brighten up, and they will be properly wrapped, making it easy to unpack them without producing major entanglements.

The Best Meteor Shower Lights

Two sets of connectable lights are included in each kit. Each pair of lights consists of eight tubes with 192 LEDs each. You get 16 tubes in total, each with 394 LEDs. The LEDs inside the tubes are double-sided, allowing them to shine from any angle, and the tubes may be turned on in a certain order to create a realistic meteor shower rain impression.

The male and female connectors on the LED string lights may connect up to four sets together. It’s a great product for indoor/outdoor holidays and Christmas tree decorations. The string light portion is waterproof to IP44 and can be used both indoors and out. However, please keep the UL adapter dry at all times. For outdoor use, please tighten the connectors and end cap as well.

Final Thoughts

No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these Christmas lights. But the most important thing is for you to be filled with the Christmas spirit and enjoy the holidays to the fullest surrounded by your family and friends.